21 Day Manifestation Activation: Lesson 3

Pain is your friend with a message, Listen!! In week three we will look at the hidden gifts in our pain. Click the links to watch the video and read the poem. Complete Pain is your friend and submit.

Watch Pain is Your friend

Read Our Deepest Fear

Listen to the LOA Library audiobook The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

Now that you have a clear vision in mind you’ve taken back your energy previously lost in your shadows, and you understand the hidden gifts in your pain. Now, lets clear away any interference patterns associated with actually achieving your goal! Sometimes we get so deeply entrenched in the feeling of longing for our ideals, that our subconscious mind can see the acquisition of our dream as a threat to our identity. This exercise will help reveal and heal any lingering fears or doubts.


The prep is done! Now your next Stop is the Manifest-Station. In your next session, we will impress the subconscious mind for the next 21 days with your desired outcome by seeing, feeling, hearing, speaking and living as you will when it’s already done. This will activate the Law of Attraction because you have become that which you have previously desired, according to the promise emended within the law, it must manifest in your life.


Continue! Acting and Doing as you will when your desire is already fulfilled!

Remember! You always get more of what you give your attention to!


Debbie Ford- The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

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