Thy Will In light of the tough times we're all facing, I've had a great deal of time to contemplate, and thoughtfully apply many spiritual learnings I have gathered through the years. One of the most helpful and useful tools I most resonated with at Michael Beckwith's Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth was the concept … Continue reading Thy Will

Angry: How to Find the Good and Let it Go!

It is my hope that by sharing my story and the spiritual tools I’ve picked up along the way, that you will be blessed and fortified to live a more satisfying and meaningful life.

Law of Attraction and Doing What you Love

Greetings Beloveds, I'm super excited the share an inspirational article that was perfectly placed on my path. 'Doing What You Love Is Being of Service' Last night as I fell asleep meditating on the magnetic power of love. Waves of various colors began flowing in, I heard "these are the frequencies of life in its … Continue reading Law of Attraction and Doing What you Love

How to Claim Your Abundance Birthright Now!!

If you are experiencing any lack of abundance in any area of your life: health, wealth, happiness, success and relationships the only difference between you and the healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, and loved around you is Consciousness. The healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, and loved; are aware of, expect, accept and claim their desires and you’re not. … Continue reading How to Claim Your Abundance Birthright Now!!

Ever Wonder If It’s Okay to Want What You Want?

By doubting that we should have what we want, we lower our vibration, with anxiety and unworthiness, placing all kinds of obstacles between us and the good we want.

Prayer A Lost Technology

Have you ever prayed for or about something and wondered why your prayer wasn’t answered? Well, perhaps you haven’t been praying correctly. Did you know Prayer is actually an ancient technology described in the Bible? And as with all forms of technology, it must be used properly in order to be effective. So what is … Continue reading Prayer A Lost Technology

How to Stay Positive In Negative Times

Positivity feels good and science has proven that a positive outlook is beneficial to physical health, relationships, goal achievement and essentially every aspect of life. Reminders from the Universe Meditations will raise your vibration and help you stay more positive, all day everyday!

Pruning Shears Visualization Technique

Watch or listen to learn about how applying the Pruning Shears can change your life for the better. Watch: Listen: Best way to predict your future is not by consulting a psychic a tarot reader, or an astrological chart… the best way is to create it. The best application of KRST Consciousness operating within you! … Continue reading Pruning Shears Visualization Technique

In 2020 One Word Can​ Change Everything

The spiritual connection and receptivity set in motion by Deciding, Believing, Visualizing and Feeling as if your desire is already fulfilled (the art of prayer done correctly), will take you leaps and bounds beyond any limited resolution.

Ancient Natural Allergy relief under ​$2 a day

Stop exposing your body to the harmful and artificial ingredients found in many over the counter allergy medications, especially when many Ancient alternative approaches (like Yamoa East African herb!) are available that are just as effective in relieving allergy symptoms. For more info, click here!