Beyond Hypnosis: Custom Subliminal Audios

The power of subliminal programming is used in advertising and, is scientifically documented (Ruch, S., Züst, M. A., & Henke, K. (2016). In fact we are being subliminally programmed every moment of the day by the different sounds, and images in our environment. This is a natural function of the brain and DNA, to absorb and record everything that is going on around us. Since you we’re being programmed anyway, why not take charge of this natural phenomenon, and decide what you are being programmed to do? Let Beyond Hypnosis help with customized Subliminal recordings specifically designed for your goals. You can even customize it with your own favorite music or I can provide music from my vast library.

Sample the upbeat Attract Abundance from the ready made Subliminal/Rhythliminal Library

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Ruch, S., Züst, M. A., & Henke, K. (2016). Subliminal messages exert long-term effects on decision-making. Neuroscience of consciousness, 2016(1), niw013.