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To spark your interest in the practical use of Astrology here is an enlightening excerpt taken from Ruins of Empires by Volney 1926

 …on the borders of the upper Nile, among a black race of men…that (astronomy/astrology) was organized, the complicated system of the worship of the stars… considered in relation to the productions of the earth and the labors of agriculture.

Thus, the Ethiopian of Thebes named stars of inundation, or Aquarius, those stars under which the Nile began to overflow; stars of the ox or bull, those under which they began to plow, stars of the lion, those under which that animal, driven from the desert by thirst, appeared on the banks of the Nile; stars of the sheaf, or of the harvest virgin, those of the reaping season; stars of the lamb, stars of the two kids, those under which these precious animals were brought forth.

Thus the same Ethiopian having observed that the return of the inundation always corresponded with the rising of a beautiful star which appeared towards the source of the Nile, and seemed to warn the husbandman against the coming waters, he compared this action to that of the animal who, by his barking, gives notice of danger, and he called this star the dog, the barker (Sirius).

In the same manner, he named the stars of the crab, those where the sun, having arrived at the tropic, retreated by a slow retrograde motion like the crab of Cancer. He named stars of the wild goat, or Capricorn, those where the sun, having reached the highest point in his annular track, imitates the goat, who delights to climb to the summit of the rocks.

He named stars of the balance, or Libra, those where the days and nights being equal, seemed in equilibrium, like that instrument; and stars of the scorpion, those where certain periodical winds bring vapors, burning like the venom of the scorpion.” (Volney’s Ruins of Empires, pp. 120-122, New York, 1926)

The ancient science of Astrology can be used in many ways to help us along our life paths. One avenue is the study of transits which give us an idea of the subtle planetary influences that will be present in the future or have been in the past.

In the healing work, I do my main focus is not to tell the future, but to assist my clients in self-discovery which results in self-mastery. I believe once we know and own our hidden strengths and weaknesses, the possibilities are infinite as to the greatness we can achieve.

I refer to Soul Analysis as the instruction manual for the soul. It consists of the analysis and the application of information discerned from the position of the Nodes of the Moon found in your natal chart. The Nodes are represented in your chart by a glyph that resembles tiny headphones.

The North node ( right side up ) in a chart points to your Dharma, (life purpose) what you are here to do this lifetime. Developing the attributes of the sign and house where the North node appears will bring fulfillment and successes this time around, keyword “My cup runith over“. The South node (up side down) in a chart points to your Karma (lessons) what you’ve already mastered in other life times and should move beyond this time around, key word: “Bottomless pit”.  If you tend to experience negative patterns in your life, you are probably stuck in and acting out the negative aspects of the sign and house that the South Node appears in. The Nodes in a chart are always polar opposites, clearly, the key to joy and fulfillment is balance in all things.

For example, if your chart reads Libra North Node/Aries South Node:

Develop the Libra traits:

  • Cooperation
  • Tactful speech
  • Supporting others

Leave behind Aries traits:

  • Impulsiveness
  • Thoughtless speech
  • Self-centeredness

One thing that must be understood is that we are holographic beings, we are all things, in order to be whole, we must embrace our totality, even the parts of ourselves that we may judge as Bad! Benevolence and Bitchyness; each have their appropriate time and place.

By avoiding the stagnant “been there done that” energy of the South node we can expand and grow to become more of ourselves realizing we are Whole, Perfect, and Complete.  In Indian Vedic Astrology is believed, we travel through the entire zodiac playing out and mastering each sign as we live lifetime after lifetime. What a wonderful and loving universe of which we are an integral part. To get your complete Soul Analysis Chart which includes Karma/Dharma, Astrological house info, Past life lessons, Relationships, Money, and more. I also offer Natal, Compatibly, and Future charts, just complete the form below, select Charts you’d like, I will instantly receive your request and your Chart will be will be generated and emailed to the email address you provide.

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