Illuminations Subliminal Listening Library

Enjoy these up beat Rythliminals (Rhythmic Subliminal)unlike hypnotic audios they are safe to use when you walk, workout, or on your commute as a supplemental tool to support positive change in your life. They contain powerful positive subliminal suggestions and healing sound frequencies like those discussed in The Hidden Messages In Water by Dr. Mararu Emoyo. Since our bodies are 75 to 85 % water, for best results drink lots of clean spring or alkaline water as you listen.

Attracting Abundance Rythliminal(Rhythmic Subliminal) 

Eliminate Self-Sabotage Rythliminal(Rhythmic Subliminal) 

Release Interference Rythliminal(Rhythmic Subliminal) 

Freedom from Chronic Pain Rythliminal(Rhythmic Subliminal) 

Ultra Pain Relief Rythliminal(Rhythmic Subliminal) 

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