In 2020 One Word Can​ Change Everything


2020 is here! Time for New Year Resolutions, right? This year why not explore a new approach. Instead of making and failing at yet another detailed specific resolution, such as losing weight, making more money, finding a soul mate or better health; lighten up and Start with one Word. Remember how it all started; In the beginning, was the WORD…(John 1:1). Each and every one of us has been blessed with God-given creative power to create worlds, whether or not we realize it; we do it with our every thought, word, and action. With that said, in 2020, why not use that power intentionally with one Word (meaning and intention) that evokes the feelings that encapsulate the deep meaning of what you want most to experience in your life.

Feelings can be defined as the bridge between thought and emotions.  Not only do feelings convey meaning, but they also broadcast vibrational frequencies that activate the universal Law of Attraction. Words like; Joy, Abundance, Freedom, and Compassion open the flood gates of meaning within us. How? By triggering our innate creative faculties; our imagination and subconscious mind. This is how one Word can activate awesome changes in your life. The spiritual connection and receptivity set in motion by Deciding, Believing, Visualizing and Feeling as if your desire is already fulfilled (the art of prayer done correctly), will take you leaps and bounds beyond any limited resolution. If you are willing, I promise, by finding your right Word of meaning and following where your feelings lead you, you’ll experience a deeper satisfaction than struggling to attain what one narrow goal could ever give you, this year and beyond! 

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