Mini Vibration Activations

Success Activation in 4 minutes a day

These mini vibe activation meditations will help you to focus on the good feelings of your desired outcome! With repetition and supercharged emotions, you will create new neuropathways in your nervous system. These are what I call the “feelings pathways”  that impress deeply into the subconscious mind; activating us to attract our desires automatically and naturally. 

This activation takes you leaps and bounds closer to manifesting your dream. Take in a deep comforting breath, and slowly exhaling out completely. Letting the good feelings flow into your entire being, building, and building until you can’t hold anymore, like a glass that is filled to overflowing.

Follow the brief guided meditation, feel the thrill and buzz and hold the emotional vibrational feeling tone of your desired outcome as if it’s happening right now, the wish fulfilled, the need completely satisfied, for 68 seconds, until you hear the chimes and let it go.

Romance –  Manifesting satisfying Romance in your married or single life.

Optimal Health

Financial Freedom

General Life Satisfaction

Tangible Desires (you choose)