Sky’s The Limit

Enjoy this special manifestation meditation specifically designed to make you rediscover your innate ability and responsibility to Manifest your Best Life!

Through you, the infinite Power of God becomes definite.

It is not enough for God to be infinite; the Infinite must also be definite. The Infinite Has Given You the Ability and the Responsibility The Infinite has given you the ability and the responsibility to choose and to define that which you wish to be, to do, and to have. ~ Rev. Ike

“In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep follows up on men in slumberings upon the bed 16 then he open the ears of men and seal if their instruction.” ~ Job 33:15-16

Health, Wisdom & Power,


Meditation Circle: Don’t Worry Be Creative!

This week we draw our inspiration from Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity, For YOU: A Science Of Living Study Guide.

The main take away from Chapter 21 is to let nothing outside of you control your destiny.

Don’t worry be creative!:

Remembering your power is within…the source of all creation God! You will always know what the future holds for you because you determine it!

You get to tell your mind what to think:

So program your own mind with positive things that you want to see in your life and in the world?

“Keep your heart [inner mind] with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life”? —Proverbs 4:23

“As a man thinks, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”
-Abraham Lincoln

Health, Wisdom & Power,

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Words are Wands: Use Them Wisely

In this week’s Meditation Circle the focus is the power of your words and how to use them wisely.

You are always creating with your words; in your own life, and in the lives of those with you influence, especially what ever you put after the present tense form of the verb to be. Rasta’s say it best “when ever we say I, me, or mine we are referring to “God in me, the oneness of God in man.” So when ever we refer to anyone, we are communicating to God or I in them. Due to quantum entanglement there is no separation between us.  “God eternal in the body.”

Our spiritual inspiration comes from Rev. Ike’s Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity, For YOU: A Science Of Living Study Guide: Chap 10 The Thrill of It All
with words of wisdom from Daniel Choudhury, Maya Angelo and Iyanla Vanzant

“If you speak your word, and it is definite and positive, what you want will come to you”

~Rev. Ike

Peace & Blessings,

Stressed out? Time to Explore Your Mental Diet?

Undoubtedly you’ve heard the phrase you are what you eat? The nutrients we consume are the building blocks of our physical bodies. The same is true of our mental bodies, we are continuously taking in data from our environment. Those bits of information become our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. And just like physical food, not everything you absorb mentally is going to be good for you. In small amounts unhealthy food, and unhealthy environments won’t do much harm. However, when we are repeatedly exposed to negative environmental influences they slowly become absorbed into our subconscious.

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth”

Prolonged exposure to negative situations will eventually create those situations in our lives, and we can find ourselves behaving in ways that are contrary to what we know is right and best for us. This is called proof by assertion, as expressed by Lenin “A lie told often enough becomes the truth” this is because suggestions whether verbal, or visually inferred, over time, become conditioned into our mental fabric.

“with repetition your defenses are lowered”

This is how culture and group consensus are formed, and people can be conditioned to do the most humanitarian and loving acts as well as convinced to commit the most horrendous acts. Desensitization is an important aspect of this conditioning process. Think about this; the first time you see something that is offensive or repugnant to your sensibilities, you have a very strong emotional aversion to it. However, with each subsequent exposure that reaction is softened, with repetition your defenses are lowered and soon the thing that was initially shocking or repugnant, becomes common place, and we develop a sense of indifference around it. Thus, what was once resisted, becomes accepted by the subconscious mind. Once accepted we are most likely to act in accordance with the newly conditioned perspective, and behave accordingly.

“the subconscious mind that does not discern… real or just entertainment”

Child psychiatrist, Paramjit T. Joshi, founding director of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center’s Office for the Prevention of Violence states, “Children who are raised surrounded by violence develop an emotional immunity to it…and often grow up to be the perpetrators of the same violence.” Though we may not ever actually witness a violent act, we are constantly bombarded with violence in television programs, video games and movies, as a result we have all become greatly desensitized. So, you might say “well it’s just television, and I know it’s not real”, and we may even enjoy the thrill of such entertainment on the conscious level. But, I am not speaking about the conscious mind, this discussion is about the subconscious mind that does not discern whether an experience is real or just entertainment, this is why awareness is important.

Studies have shown that the average child has witnessed 8,000 murders on television by the time he or she graduates from elementary school. While it is true that children are much more suggestible, adults are vulnerable too; We are all conditioned by our environments on a subconscious level, especially through repetition.

“The quality of what we feed our minds…more important, than what we eat”

So the bottom line is; The quality of what we feed our minds, is in many ways even more important, than what we eat, because what we absorb mentally is what we eventually become, attract, and do. If we do not take control of our God given mental faculties of consciously choosing to feed our subconscious mind with the things we want to see, do, and become; we are missing out on one of the most underutilized super powers we hold as human beings.

This is precisely why I am adding Subliminal sessions to my therapeutic services. Let’s face it as I discussed above, we are all being subliminally programmed in every moment from influences in our environment. Whether it be our family and friends, teachers, the news, music, films and television shows. Our brains are always receiving information from our environment and recording that information. I just invite you to consider how powerful this reality is and begin to take steps to use it to your advantage, rather than allow others who may not have your best interests at heart to use it against you for the purposes of marketing and political propaganda.

This is how Subliminal sessions work;

While my traditional hypnotic sessions require that you be in a safe, quiet place, relaxing comfortably, where you will not be disturbed, (never while operating heavy machinery). These new subliminal sessions can be listened to at any time during your waking hours. Just play them in the background as you engage in your daily activities even while driving. The subliminal suggestions will play at a very low level to support your subconscious absorption of the changes you desire. What’s so wonderful about  these new subliminal sessions is they’re completely customizable, you can choose your own music, decide whether you want soothing or upbeat music, and much like my hypnotic sessions; you dictate the changes you want to make in your life and I master the recording with healing brainwave frequencies to support you. All you do is  listen daily and watch changes take place in your world. Contact me to learn more.


Peter Jensen (1998) Murder and mayhem broadcast right to home TV: A child psychiatrist talks about the effects of media violence on children, and what parents can do about it. Baltimore Sun, <>

A Guide to Chronic Pain And Your Next Steps After Diagnosis

by April Meyers

When you’ve been searching for answers for consistent pain, being diagnosed with a chronic condition can be a mixed bag. On one hand, it’s always empowering to be able to put a name to the problem. The chance to find community and the validation that you are not alone in this can give you a lot of strength. On the other, chronic pain is, well, chronic. There’s no one easy fix, and the issue may last the rest of your life. 

However, there are tools you can use to cope. For example, Beyond Hypnosis attests to the power of the mind as a tool for coping with pain. This is just one of the many resources at your disposal. We hope this guide helps you discover a plan that allows you to live your best life and thrive, despite your diagnosis: 

Aligning Your Mind 

Often, you cannot control your pain, but you can control your relationship with it. 

  • Turn your home into a relaxing and positive environment. Make it a space that facilitates calm. 
  • Look into hypnosis, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies. Many people get a ton of benefits from these practices. 
  • Ask your doctor to refer you to a talk therapist. They can give you the tools you can use at home to cope with the anxiety and depression that can come with pain flare-ups. 

Address Your Diet 

Good nutrition is more important when you’re living with thin margins. 

  • Many forms of chronic pain respond well to diet changes and, in some cases, the right foods can reduce pain entirely. 
  • Work on cutting down on restaurant food – using ingredients you have at home will empower you to know exactly what’s in your food and avoid any dietary pain triggers. 
  • Ask your doctor if there are any supplements you should take (or avoid) to manage your pain better. 

Get Moving 

Exercise might seem like an unmanageable trial, but it will make a big difference. 

  • Nearly all chronic pain diagnoses are best managed by regular, appropriate exercise
  • The details will depend on your diagnosis, but generally speaking, you should exercise every day. And don’t push too hard! Listen to your body – slow going is still going. 
  • If you’re not sure which exercises are best for you, talk to your doctor or a physical therapist. They can help you learn to recognize your limits and discover the most effective moves. 

Now that you have your diagnosis, it’s time to learn how to develop a healthy relationship with your pain. That may sound counterintuitive, but you deserve to be able to live with your limits without judgment or resentment. Focus on learning how to manage your pain – and your reactions to it – in order to live your best life. 

Looking to foster a deeper connection with your mind? Call Beyond Hypnosis at 425.298.5685 to help unlock your inner self, relinquish self-destructive habits, and more. 

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Thy Will

In light of the tough times we’re all facing, I’ve had a great deal of time to contemplate, and thoughtfully apply many spiritual learnings I have gathered through the years. One of the most helpful and useful tools I most resonated with at Michael Beckwith’s Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth was the concept of the Three Levels of Spiritual Development as an apprenticeship through life: the Victim, the Manifestor, and the Channel. The terms are pretty self-explanatory, with the Channel as the ultimate and most desirable level to achieve.

To be clear, the term channel in this context does it mean what you think it means. It doesn’t mean that as a Channel you are being possessed as a medium through which a disembodied Being speaks. In this context of an apprenticeship through higher consciousness; the Channel refers to a way of living, and experiencing life in the freedom of God’s divine plan for your life, without the distortions of the human condition. The Channel has outgrown the fears, doubts, impatience, etc., that interfere with our higher good.

This conversation about being a channel is not about limitation and restriction, it’s all about the best kind of empowerment. The true sovereignty that unlocks your ability to live your life in real freedom; doing, being, and having not necessarily whatever you want, but exactly what you were created to fulfill in such a unique and brilliant way that is all your own. Living this channeled life will bring abundance, joy, love, health, and success beyond what you could have ever imagined with your little human perspective.

How do you know when you’re ready to be the Channel? When you’re ready for this ultimate freedom you’ve gotten to the point where you trust, seek, and expect the divine signposts along the way that will undoubtedly lead you to everything you need to achieve your full divine potential, free of the traps of unconscious humanness.

How do you Channel? Follow your Bliss!

Peace & Blessings,

Psalm 23-28

Angry: How to Find the Good and Let it Go!

Greetings Illuminaries, at the time of this video it had been exactly one month after losing my beloved husband to cancer. Anyone who knows me recognizes my unusual and at times annoying habit of finding God /the good in everything. Yep! Everything! The God/ the good  I seek and find, fall into one of two categories; Blessings or Lessons. Blessings, bring up good feelings in the moment. Lessons, on the other hand, require a bit more spiritual power because they often bring up those negative feelings associated with fear, loss, and pain. 

But, let me tell you, losing my partner really rocked my world! It challenged my ability to find God/the good in this…FOR REAL!!!

Well in the weeks that have passed since I first recorded this video, I revisited my book “Spiritual Healing Through A Break-up” and used the tools contained on its pages to reach a new level of peace. It is from here that I can articulate my internal processes with more clarity in this post. 

We have been taught in various ways through the spiritual writing of the ancients that we are spiritual beings having a human experience; that we are a composite of the sensual animal and the spiritual Divine in one package. The part of us that is connected to our Divine creator understands/knows the reality of all things. The animal/ human part, however, perceives the world through the threat of physical pain and annihilation. Thus, our experience on this physical plane is filled with confusion. And our journey is to become like the Christ to see things as they really are from that higher vantage point of Spirit, as opposed to the lower perspective of the flesh (Galatians 5:13-18). So, we answer the three questions about any event whether it’s personal, or on the world stage from our dualistic make-up .

  1. What happened
  2. How it happened
  3. Why it happened

How we answer these questions as Spirit or Human; will determine its meaning and whether our experience of the event will be through pain or insight. Of course my Human aspect feels the pain in the fact that my husband is no longer by my side because of what happened, he died physically. And because of my beliefs about natural healing, lifestyle and allopathic medicine the How of his death through cancer; its agony, and toxic treatment is absolutely repugnant to everything I stand for. As for the Why, the Human me wanted to find blame. But my higher self, the one that knows all things understands that the What, How and Why of the matter, are all beyond the pay grade of my limited Human understanding, and serve a broader Divine purpose. But, what I do understand is that everything must change (like it or not). What I know is, when one thing ends, it opens the door for more. 

Found it!! My God/the good found in the loss of my beloved husband in these 4 Affirmations

  • It’s a better use of my time and energy to focus on, and embrace God/ the good in our time together 
  • I get to embrace every lesson as significant and precious
  • I get to freely share my gifts fearlessly because I’m needed in the world
  • I get to approach ALL the blessings and lessons in my life with deep gratitude 
  • I get to be the blessing in every situation 

It is my hope that by sharing my story and the spiritual tools I’ve picked up along the way, that you will be blessed and fortified to live a more satisfying and meaningful life. 

Peace & Blessings,


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Law of Attraction and Doing What you Love

Greetings Beloveds,

I’m super excited the share an inspirational article that was perfectly placed on my path. ‘Doing What You Love Is Being of Service’ Last night as I fell asleep meditating on the magnetic power of love. Waves of various colors began flowing in, I heard “these are the frequencies of life in its many hues. Then a lovely shade of peachy mauve filled my mind, somehow I knew it was the vibration of gratitude. And as I practice every night, I began to contemplate ways to find gratitude for everything. As I considered gratitude during this time of uncertainty and fear, as we deal with an apparent pandemic. The answer flooded in: I heard, ‘doing what you love is the most potent way to not only provide joy for yourself in the moment; it’s high “feel good” vibration activates God’s Law of Attraction “…to give us the kingdom” Luke 12:32.’ Wow! This goes way beyond the mere acquisition of our daily barrage of personal needs, and desires. The sense of peace and comfort that comes from just doing what you love, and appreciating everything that goes along with it, in and of itself will attract everything one needs/wants in order to continue living a life of abundance: love, health, and success.

When I woke this morning I read from last month’s Daily Word, and decided it was time to get a subscription. As I surfed the Daily Word site I was guided to read ‘Doing What You Love Is Being of Service‘. Its the perfect article that demonstrates how one woman is serving the world in ways she had perhaps never imagined, just by volunteering to do what she loves.

I hope it inspires you to find the good, and take advantage of this time when many are spending more time at home, away from the usual hustle, to do and create more of what you love. What idea or project have you been putting off because you never have the time? Well, now you do.

How to Claim Your Abundance Birthright Now!!

If you are experiencing any lack of abundance in any area of your life: health, wealth, happiness, success and relationships the only difference between you and the healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, and loved around you is Consciousness. The healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, and loved; are aware of, expect, accept and claim their desires and you’re not. They have yes to see and hears to hear and so can you. How? Start by becoming aware.

Grab a pen and paper to jot down words, memories and physical feelings triggered in you by the images in this video. As you watch with your outer eyes to your current world of appearances and open your inner eyes to notice what comes up for you physically as you visualize/watch these images of abundance. 

  1. Take three deep breaths 
  2. Notice any  thoughts, memories and physical sensations that come up related to wealth or lack of? Is there a tightness in your stomach, jaw or shoulders? Anywhere? 

 These physical sensations are important clues to how we really feel about what we experience in our internal and external environments. Don’t judge how you feel or even give any energy to how you Should feel…just notice, pause, take a breath and write.

Now, notice what you’ve found out. Any negative attitudes come up, any tightness? Why is this important? Because our Ego keeps track of emotions and reactions physically as well as mentally and emotionally in our ego body. The ego is a defense mechanism designed to ensure our survival by maintaining the status quo of our deepest conditioned beliefs good, bad and indifferent.

The good news is that with honest observance we’ve taken the first and most important step toward healing our conditioned consciousness around our ability to claim our birthright of abundant health, wealth, happiness, success, and love. Now that we know we can take action and change the way we think and feel. Grandma always said “People would do better if they knew better”, 

So now let’s start feeling that abundance. Why is feeling so important? Because when we feel, we generate vibrations in our heart,  brain, and gut where neurons are located.

Via The Law of Attraction, we draw to us things, people, conditions and experiences that match where we are vibrating in consciousness. Essentially who and what we are aware of being, doing and having. So like a magnet, whatever we feel at any given moment, that is what we are inviting into our life experience and it’s on its way…unless we change it with another feeling. That is Law, when you know this and use its abundance will be yours, that is the promise. “Them that’s got shall get, those who don’t have shall loose”

That which you give off into the Universal Storehouse is drawn back to you on the same frequency you sent, it can’t be otherwise.

So how can you tell whether you are calling forth what you want, or what you don’t want. Easily by how you feel! Think of it as a personal GPS system; feel bad you’re giving attention with your thoughts and feelings to the wrong things. In the form of worry, doubt, overanalyzing and strategizing through wort case scenarios. So when you feel bad, flip the switch by seeing, and feeling how you will when the good you want has arrived in your world. How? Learn this important skill by watching these scenes of abundance again, but differently. Rather than watching then from the outside, experience them by seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and touching the scenes through your senses as if you are the one enjoying it. 

  1. Take three deep breaths 
  2. Go ahead enjoy seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and touching through your senses as if you are the one enjoying it. 
  3. Get lost in the experience!

Notice how much better it feels? Your abundance is on the way! Keep it coming and convince that ego that all is well. by practicing the following tools I offer my Beyond Hypnosis clients.

Practice the 10/10 Journaling Exercise Morning, Noon, & Night

Right and Read aloud 10 things you’re grateful for!

I am so grateful for…

Right and Read aloud 10 things you long for as if you are satisfied that they are already in your life!

I am so happy now that…

Take time to listen to what your body is saying to you. Take time to listen to your physical sensations and your feelings. They are sending you important messages. Eat a healthy high protein meal every 4 hours and engage in 30 minutes of enjoyable exercise at least 3 times per week. Connect with people that care about you at least once a week. Listen to your Hypnosis session at least once a day.

If you have the urge to engage in unhealthy behaviors – Exercise, Reach out to positive people, Practice the 10/10 journaling exercise or listen to your session before attempting to satisfy your unmet need with the unhealthy behavior.

START! Increasing the positive frequencies by Acting and Doing as you will when your desire is fulfilled!

STOP! Reactivating old frequencies of what has been by Worrying and Over analyzing!

Ever Wonder If It’s Okay to Want What You Want?

It’s been said prayer is when we give God a phone call, meditation is when we pick up the receiver to listen, and when we trust our intuition the static has been cleared from the line.

In this post, I share a beautiful technique that helps to get clear and feel good about the desires that motivate us to pray. 

The Bible tells us, our divine creator knows our desires before we can even articulate them, and is happy to provide all of our good desires; thus our prayers are always known (Psalms:139). We don’t need to beg because It’s our father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom (Luke 8:10). With this ancient scriptural understanding  I know, in my spirit God is already giving us every good thing we could ever desire or need. 

So then what ’s the purpose of prayer?  In my understanding, the technology of prayer is in actuality to prepare us to receive, not to get  God to give. 

The trouble starts when we see our desires through human filters of fear and a belief in lack. By doubting that we can or should have what we want, we add to the pure word (meaning) of God’s gifts. We lower our vibration, with anxiety and unworthiness, placing all kinds of obstacles between us and the good we want. We tend to place conditions on our good, by accepting less than what we want, rationalizing that if we accept less it’s more likely we’ll get it. Stop! You are a child of God and it is God’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom!  It already belongs to you, it’s your job to step into it and become a vibratory match to it.

How? In my awareness, God is always speaking to us and guiding us to our divine birthright; first through our basic desires and secondly through intuitive hunches. For example, you want more money, better health, a loving mate, or a lovely home, there’s nothing wrong with those things. To discover God’s pure and loving plan for you within any desire, uncover what’s beneath the human-ness of the thing you want.

Here’s how:

Let’s take the desire of more money;  dig a little bit to find out what that basic desire from God is. Begin to identify what that money means to you. Certainly, it’s not about the grayish-green pieces of paper. Ask your self; exactly what that money will give you?  Is it a feeling of security? Is it a sense of freedom? Will the ability to buy nice things give you a raise in status, allowing you to feel more social acceptance? Or are you seeking relief from debt? When you look at what that desire really means to you, then you can see what God is calling for in your life. By distilling your desires down to their core you will have stripped away any doubts as to the worthiness of your desires. Notice how it feels to have identified that the desire is all about the feelings, the experiences and your new elevated sense of being a deserving child of the most-high.  When it’s good to the core, you know without a doubt, it’s what God wants for you too. All is well!