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How to Partner with Pain and Live Your Best Life!

Spiritual Healing Through A Breakup is finally published! This book idea originated in 2008 when I was approached by my then spouse’s cousin to write a chapter for her book ‘Wakeup Girl‘. She had gone through a difficult breakup and found writing cathartic. She and I had done some Hypnotherapy work on her pain, which she found helpful. I was thrilled and honored that she appreciated the insights I shared with her so much that she asked me to be a part of her project. Little did I know, as I was writing that chapter; I was actually preparing myself for the demise of my own troubled marriage. My spouse saw the parallels, yet, I was clueless… I was actually preparing for what was to come. By writing that chapter; which has became this book, I was well prepared emotionally for the subsequent divorce. Interestingly, in the introduction of ‘Wakeup Girl’, she described my chapter as an excerpt from my book (that I hadn’t written yet). So in actuality, she wrote Spiritual Healing Through A Breakup into reality some 10 years ago. What took so long to publish? Fear!

So, in response to that fear, I offer this self-edited and self-published ebook, as a tool for a better life for those who read it and as a personal exercise in vulnerability and freedom from the stranglehold of perfectionism. With that said; I hope the misspelled words and less than perfect grammar bring a knowing smile to your hearts. Moreover, as my talk show listeners know I’ve recently broken free of my many inhibitions and personal hangups. As a result, I’m now Free to share what I call ‘Deep Downloads’ on my site vlog and on my Youtube Channel; which are unedited, impromptu musings about my newly acquired spiritual insights. One of the most challenging downloads to share has been that the Old and New Testaments are in actuality the most valuable psychological self-help books ever written. In Spiritual Healing Through A Breakup I share many of the Biblical lessons that actually provide practical instruction on how to most effectively use the Law of Attraction to improve the lives of ourselves and others. So, in this book you will see Biblical references, be open, and open up your Bible, to cross-reference the contexts that will undoubtedly apply to your personal life lessons. It is my intention that you use the wisdom in the words and the tools, not just for healing through a romantic breakup, but to navigate through any difficult change in life, and use your painful emotions as valuable signposts guiding you to your most joyful life! 

Peace & Blessings,

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Law of Attraction and Doing What you Love

Greetings Beloveds,

I’m super excited the share an inspirational article that was perfectly placed on my path. ‘Doing What You Love Is Being of Service’ Last night as I fell asleep meditating on the magnetic power of love. Waves of various colors began flowing in, I heard “these are the frequencies of life in its many hues. Then a lovely shade of peachy mauve filled my mind, somehow I knew it was the vibration of gratitude. And as I practice every night, I began to contemplate ways to find gratitude for everything. As I considered gratitude during this time of uncertainty and fear, as we deal with an apparent pandemic. The answer flooded in: I heard, ‘doing what you love is the most potent way to not only provide joy for yourself in the moment; it’s high “feel good” vibration activates God’s Law of Attraction “…to give us the kingdom” Luke 12:32.’ Wow! This goes way beyond the mere acquisition of our daily barrage of personal needs, and desires. The sense of peace and comfort that comes from just doing what you love, and appreciating everything that goes along with it, in and of itself will attract everything one needs/wants in order to continue living a life of abundance: love, health, and success.

When I woke this morning I read from last month’s Daily Word, and decided it was time to get a subscription. As I surfed the Daily Word site I was guided to read ‘Doing What You Love Is Being of Service‘. Its the perfect article that demonstrates how one woman is serving the world in ways she had perhaps never imagined, just by volunteering to do what she loves.

I hope it inspires you to find the good, and take advantage of this time when many are spending more time at home, away from the usual hustle, to do and create more of what you love. What idea or project have you been putting off because you never have the time? Well, now you do.

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How to Claim Your Abundance Birthright Now!!

If you are experiencing any lack of abundance in any area of your life: health, wealth, happiness, success and relationships the only difference between you and the healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, and loved around you is Consciousness. The healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, and loved; are aware of, expect, accept and claim their desires and you’re not. They have yes to see and hears to hear and so can you. How? Start by becoming aware.

Grab a pen and paper to jot down words, memories and physical feelings triggered in you by the images in this video. As you watch with your outer eyes to your current world of appearances and open your inner eyes to notice what comes up for you physically as you visualize/watch these images of abundance. 

  1. Take three deep breaths 
  2. Notice any  thoughts, memories and physical sensations that come up related to wealth or lack of? Is there a tightness in your stomach, jaw or shoulders? Anywhere? 

 These physical sensations are important clues to how we really feel about what we experience in our internal and external environments. Don’t judge how you feel or even give any energy to how you Should feel…just notice, pause, take a breath and write.

Now, notice what you’ve found out. Any negative attitudes come up, any tightness? Why is this important? Because our Ego keeps track of emotions and reactions physically as well as mentally and emotionally in our ego body. The ego is a defense mechanism designed to ensure our survival by maintaining the status quo of our deepest conditioned beliefs good, bad and indifferent.

The good news is that with honest observance we’ve taken the first and most important step toward healing our conditioned consciousness around our ability to claim our birthright of abundant health, wealth, happiness, success, and love. Now that we know we can take action and change the way we think and feel. Grandma always said “People would do better if they knew better”, 

So now let’s start feeling that abundance. Why is feeling so important? Because when we feel, we generate vibrations in our heart,  brain, and gut where neurons are located.

Via The Law of Attraction, we draw to us things, people, conditions and experiences that match where we are vibrating in consciousness. Essentially who and what we are aware of being, doing and having. So like a magnet, whatever we feel at any given moment, that is what we are inviting into our life experience and it’s on its way…unless we change it with another feeling. That is Law, when you know this and use its abundance will be yours, that is the promise. “Them that’s got shall get, those who don’t have shall loose”

That which you give off into the Universal Storehouse is drawn back to you on the same frequency you sent, it can’t be otherwise.

So how can you tell whether you are calling forth what you want, or what you don’t want. Easily by how you feel! Think of it as a personal GPS system; feel bad you’re giving attention with your thoughts and feelings to the wrong things. In the form of worry, doubt, overanalyzing and strategizing through wort case scenarios. So when you feel bad, flip the switch by seeing, and feeling how you will when the good you want has arrived in your world. How? Learn this important skill by watching these scenes of abundance again, but differently. Rather than watching then from the outside, experience them by seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and touching the scenes through your senses as if you are the one enjoying it. 

  1. Take three deep breaths 
  2. Go ahead enjoy seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and touching through your senses as if you are the one enjoying it. 
  3. Get lost in the experience!

Notice how much better it feels? Your abundance is on the way! Keep it coming and convince that ego that all is well. by practicing the following tools I offer my Beyond Hypnosis clients.

Practice the 10/10 Journaling Exercise Morning, Noon, & Night

Right and Read aloud 10 things you’re grateful for!

I am so grateful for…

Right and Read aloud 10 things you long for as if you are satisfied that they are already in your life!

I am so happy now that…

Take time to listen to what your body is saying to you. Take time to listen to your physical sensations and your feelings. They are sending you important messages. Eat a healthy high protein meal every 4 hours and engage in 30 minutes of enjoyable exercise at least 3 times per week. Connect with people that care about you at least once a week. Listen to your Hypnosis session at least once a day.

If you have the urge to engage in unhealthy behaviors – Exercise, Reach out to positive people, Practice the 10/10 journaling exercise or listen to your session before attempting to satisfy your unmet need with the unhealthy behavior.

START! Increasing the positive frequencies by Acting and Doing as you will when your desire is fulfilled!

STOP! Reactivating old frequencies of what has been by Worrying and Over analyzing!

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Ever Wonder If It’s Okay to Want What You Want?

It’s been said prayer is when we give God a phone call, meditation is when we pick up the receiver to listen, and when we trust our intuition the static has been cleared from the line.

In this post, I share a beautiful technique that helps to get clear and feel good about the desires that motivate us to pray. 

The Bible tells us, our divine creator knows our desires before we can even articulate them, and is happy to provide all of our good desires; thus our prayers are always known (Psalms:139). We don’t need to beg because It’s our father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom (Luke 8:10). With this ancient scriptural understanding  I know, in my spirit God is already giving us every good thing we could ever desire or need. 

So then what ’s the purpose of prayer?  In my understanding, the technology of prayer is in actuality to prepare us to receive, not to get  God to give. 

The trouble starts when we see our desires through human filters of fear and a belief in lack. By doubting that we can or should have what we want, we add to the pure word (meaning) of God’s gifts. We lower our vibration, with anxiety and unworthiness, placing all kinds of obstacles between us and the good we want. We tend to place conditions on our good, by accepting less than what we want, rationalizing that if we accept less it’s more likely we’ll get it. Stop! You are a child of God and it is God’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom!  It already belongs to you, it’s your job to step into it and become a vibratory match to it.

How? In my awareness, God is always speaking to us and guiding us to our divine birthright; first through our basic desires and secondly through intuitive hunches. For example, you want more money, better health, a loving mate, or a lovely home, there’s nothing wrong with those things. To discover God’s pure and loving plan for you within any desire, uncover what’s beneath the human-ness of the thing you want.

Here’s how:

Let’s take the desire of more money;  dig a little bit to find out what that basic desire from God is. Begin to identify what that money means to you. Certainly, it’s not about the grayish-green pieces of paper. Ask your self; exactly what that money will give you?  Is it a feeling of security? Is it a sense of freedom? Will the ability to buy nice things give you a raise in status, allowing you to feel more social acceptance? Or are you seeking relief from debt? When you look at what that desire really means to you, then you can see what God is calling for in your life. By distilling your desires down to their core you will have stripped away any doubts as to the worthiness of your desires. Notice how it feels to have identified that the desire is all about the feelings, the experiences and your new elevated sense of being a deserving child of the most-high.  When it’s good to the core, you know without a doubt, it’s what God wants for you too. All is well!

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Prayer A Lost Technology

Have you ever prayed for or about something and wondered why your prayer wasn’t answered? Well, perhaps you haven’t been praying correctly. Did you know Prayer is actually an ancient technology described in the Bible? And as with all forms of technology, it must be used properly in order to be effective.

So what is the correct way to pray?  And where can we find its instructions? 

First, let’s look at how we tend to pray. From my experience, there are 4 basic types of prayer, but most of us have only been taught to perform 2 of the 4.

  1. Prayers of Supplication or asking for what you need or desire.
  2. Prayers of Thanksgiving for whatever we have asked once we have received it.
  3. Prayers of Consecration during which we prepare ourselves by visualizing our good, giving thanks, and go on living as if it is already done.
  4. Prayers of Contemplation employ the intuitive faculties through meditative listening for Divine guidance.

In my work with clients, I employ prayers of Consecration by speaking the word for their success during their sessions. Whether it be healing, finances, relationships or career goals; I also guide them through prayers of the third kind, to clearly visualize their good, and rehearse it repeatedly into the subconscious mind. These guided prayers are a co-creative technology designed to reprogram the subconscious by impressing the belief in the fulfillment of the desired outcome, as opposed to demonstrating a belief in lack by begging and beseeching a fickle, humanlike deity who is reluctant to supply our needs and desires. 

We are taught in the Scriptures that “It is our father’s pleasure to give us the kingdom”(Luke 8:10), and to pray believing we already have it and we will have it (Mark 11:24).

Imagine you’re a loving parent watching two of your children open the wonderful array of gifts they’ve asked you for. The first child looks around apathetically and shrugs at all the presents from his list. He then kneels at your feet crying and begging you for gifts. Meanwhile, the other child is joyfully playing without a care in the world. Then, she looks up, smiles runs over with a big hug, and thanks you, for all the gifts. Which child is more likely to receive more of his or her requests? 

So Prayer is all about changing us; not God. For the sake of clarity, It boils down to the depth of our acceptance of our good,  not at all about whether God is willing to give us what we want and need. The realization of our desired outcome is dependent upon our readiness for it. Prayer of the third kind, consecration, prepares us to receive the things we truly desire. So in other words, gratefully, speaking, living, breathing and interacting with life as if you already have it, without a doubt is the key to answered prayer not by how long you can beg and grovel on your knees. 

So go ahead, give prayer of the third kind a try! If you’re having trouble deciding what to pray for, begin wit prayers of the fourth kind; Contemplative meditation to listen, before asking. But, if you already know,

speak the word by naming it, giving heartfelt thanks for it, and acting as if it’s already done; in full acceptance of what has already been given to you.

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How to Stay Positive In Negative Times

Don’t worry be happy, It’s a lovely day!  Positivity feels good and science has proven that a positive outlook is beneficial to physical health, relationships, goal achievement and essentially every aspect of life. Most would agree it’s easy to find gratitude and beauty in the world when things are going our way. However, with the continuous parade of highly strange negativity on the world stage; we can find it increasingly difficult to stay positive. Reminders from the Universe Meditations will raise your vibration and help you stay more positive, all day every day!

Here’s some help, the Reminders from the Universe Meditation Series. Click and Enjoy!

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Pruning Shears Visualization Technique

Watch or listen to learn about how applying the Pruning Shears can change your life for the better.

Best way to predict your future is not by consulting a psychic a tarot reader, or an astrological chart… the best way is to create it. The best application of KRST Consciousness operating within you!

Pruning Shears Visualization Technique in 4 easy steps

  1. Analyze your day.
  2. Edit out each thing you wish had happened differently. 
  3. Replace it with a scenario that you would prefer. 
  4. Rehearse until it feels natural.

The more natural your revisions feel and the more you rehearse them into the subconscious mind, the sooner you release limiting beliefs about the world and your ability to be the best you ever.

Peace & Blessings,


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In 2020 One Word Can​ Change Everything


2020 is here! Time for New Year Resolutions, right? This year why not explore a new approach. Instead of making and failing at yet another detailed specific resolution, such as losing weight, making more money, finding a soul mate or better health; lighten up and Start with one Word. Remember how it all started; In the beginning, was the WORD…(John 1:1). Each and every one of us has been blessed with God-given creative power to create worlds, whether or not we realize it; we do it with our every thought, word, and action. With that said, in 2020, why not use that power intentionally with one Word (meaning and intention) that evokes the feelings that encapsulate the deep meaning of what you want most to experience in your life.

Feelings can be defined as the bridge between thought and emotions.  Not only do feelings convey meaning, but they also broadcast vibrational frequencies that activate the universal Law of Attraction. Words like; Joy, Abundance, Freedom, and Compassion open the flood gates of meaning within us. How? By triggering our innate creative faculties; our imagination and subconscious mind. This is how one Word can activate awesome changes in your life. The spiritual connection and receptivity set in motion by Deciding, Believing, Visualizing and Feeling as if your desire is already fulfilled (the art of prayer done correctly), will take you leaps and bounds beyond any limited resolution. If you are willing, I promise, by finding your right Word of meaning and following where your feelings lead you, you’ll experience a deeper satisfaction than struggling to attain what one narrow goal could ever give you, this year and beyond! 

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Peace & Blessings,

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Ancient Natural Allergy relief under ​$2 a day

Stop exposing your body to the harmful and artificial ingredients found in many over the counter allergy medications, especially when many Ancient alternative approaches (like Yamoa East African herb!) are available that are just as effective in relieving allergy symptoms.
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Dear Second-Guessers, STOP IT!

“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.” ~Unknown

If you are a second-guesser and you have trouble trusting your decisions, it’s important to remember, that you don’t have to make the right decision right now. Crucial for your own sanity is to learn to be OK with not knowing. By developing an exploratory beginner’s mind with the use of mental imagery, you get to step into, and try on each available option and its possible outcomes without any commitment. By practicing this you give yourself time to notice how each possible scenario makes you feel. This will help you to connect with and practice trusting your inner wisdom. The safest place for this practice is the testing ground of your own mind. So, when you are faced with a decision or choice, don’t give into the pressure to ‘make the right decision right now’. It’s okay (and extremely wise) to say, ‘I’ll get back to you on that’, or ‘let me sleep on it, and I’ll let you know”.

Learning to use your imagination to explore your options takes practice, but just like shampooing your own hair, certainly, you can do it yourself. But, it’s so much easier and more enjoyable when someone else massages your scalp; with that creamy lather. The same is true when it comes to employing the power of your imagination, with guided imagery.

Need help wrapping your mind around this concept? Take advantage of my limited time 60% off offer; Free Phone consultation and customized Guided Imagery audio. You may also find my Eliminate Self-Sabotage subliminal, and the many Hypnosis Downloads offered at helpful.

Peace & Blessings,