-Notice the quotation marks…this post includes testimonials I moved from my old website.


“Tamara, I think it worked…I have not been obsessing over what other people think! It’s quite nice to feel very calm and peaceful. I’ve been feeling like someone lifted something from my back! the real test will happen when i go back to work later this week! But I must Thank You for doing that for me. I’ve been also doing some internal work with a girl that i work with who does life coaching and she has even noticed something has changed. I still am not sure HOW you do what you do…But I do know that IT WORKS!!!   Thanks so much  Tj!! ” Los Angeles.

“I have only had one EIP session and I’m already noticing changes, I don’t Know I it’s me or everything around me, and I don’t really care I’m getting results.” T.B. Los Angeles

“After My session with Tamara I felt more relaxed with myself, more confident around other people, especially those I felt uncomfortable around in the past. I sleep better, I feel I can do anything I set my mind to do. I feel I am unique and beautiful. One of my concerns addressed in my session was my tendency to attract men who have problems with alcohol. I’m grateful and amazed that with in weeks of our session my current male friend who was an alcoholic  suddenly stopped drinking. I will continue to speak my affirmations, They really work! Thank you Tamara.” K.J. Los Angeles

“Dear Tamara, Thank you so much for the wonderful session. I came in with throat and heart blockages and you helped them tremendously. I find since or session I have a much easier time speaking my truth and saying what I really feel. My voice lessons have also improved a lot , and I haven’t had any pain in my throat area. I also feel open to having a relationship again when the time is right. But I think the biggest affect on my life has been my heart feeling better. I’ve  concentrated more on my spiritual path which has improved all areas of my life.” A.C. Los Angeles

“Tamara was a blessing in my life.  I am grateful for her therapy which really got to the core of the matter- the healing of my soul.” K.C. Los Angeles

“I really appreciate your radio show. Two of the sessions really impacted me and my teaching. Thanks so much! The 6/20 and 5/22 shows were the most impactful for me. From the 6/20 show, we started consecrating the space for learning at the beginning of class to ?remove the negative interference that could be a hindrance to understanding and learning’. Some of the students really appreciated the brief meditation in the beginning of class. It didn’t make them calmer as I initially expected, lol, but it did seem to impact their responses to the lesson and the questions they asked. I happened to listen to the 5/22 podcast right when I was getting to that topic in the course. That session was mainly validating. A lot of what was discussed coincided with what I was about to teach that day and so it was particularly inspiring. That day I came up with a different exercise on understanding and dealing with one’s emotions as I was walking into the classroom. It was supposed to only be an intro, but it turned into the whole lesson (I did this with my 6th-9th graders so there was a lot of giggling which slowed the process, lol). That was fun and effective as far as getting them to become more aware of certain things. All this is still new so time will tell how these changes really impact the students. The main difference for me is I’m seeing more ways I can take my students deeper through more meaningful and tangible means. Thanks & Respect ” K. South Florida

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