What is Soul Therapy?

What is Soul Therapy? Soul Therapy is a technology, which identifies and clears away interference patterns lodged in the DNA. These patterns are the cause of conditions in your life experience that demonstrate anything less than perfect peace, harmony, and flow in all areas of our lives. Many of these interference patterns have been inherited from our ancestors (bless them).

Scientists are discovering more and more about the mind-body connection. Each one of the cells in our bodies is a living, and intelligent being. There are specialized clusters of cells called chromosome, the genetic structure that carries the DNA, and the genes. Evidence shows that DNA is in actuality a receiver/transmitter, which records and stores information received from the subconscious mind, which holds memory from, yesterday, two years ago, even two thousand years ago from an ancestor of long ago.

DNA can be compared to a book; it contains recorded and stored information. The genes are like the various chapters in this book, each chapter contains information such as eye color, height, and sex. Just like a library the chromosome house the books within their structure. Even more amazing it also stores every thought and experience that you and all your ancestors have ever had or were subjected to in the subconscious mind sometimes referred to as the Akashic record. Another fact to note is that children absorb 100% of all they come in to contact with during the first 4 years of life. The percentage of decreases slightly as they mature.

The Akashic record is what a psychic reads like a ticker tape parade, it’s all there all around you in your energetic field forever. We each have a total of 46 genetic/energetic chapters. Inheriting 22 chapters from our mother, and 22 chapters from our father. The remaining two of these chapters contain what is referred to as the Original God Code the blueprint that is of perfect health, abundance, and wholeness. If you look at your family tree you can get an idea of where you got your physical characteristics. You also inherit experiences, beliefs, and talents. For instance, that irrational phobia of snakes that seemed to show up out of nowhere, from your great grand mother whom you later found out died of a rattlesnake bite. Or a natural musical talent retained from a past life as a Cuban bandleader.

Scientists have concluded we all came from one mother “Eve”, so we are all related and share 99.9% identical DNA, plus every bit of human experience recorded since the beginning of time stored in our DNA. These experiences form our belief systems as individuals, families, and nations. Many of the more debilitating patterns lay dormant until they are triggered by a traumatic event. We share a lot of experiences of suffering, anger, self-doubt, and cruelty as well as experiences of triumph, love, generosity, and benevolence. We have the potential to be all things, it’s all within us, slave/master, victim /victimizer, rich /poor. Which experiences do you choose to accept and embrace as truth in your life experience? Imagine the belief a rich and healthy person would have about himself and his potential life experiences…now compare them to the beliefs of a poor and sick person. Unless they change their belief systems they will most likely continue as they are.

Our beliefs create our reality. Through Soul Therapy we can choose beliefs that empower us and discard any fear-based idiosyncrasy or irrational thoughts that have nothing to do with reality in the present moment. Freedom is within our reach by using the subconscious mind as a vital tool. The subconscious mind only serves to bring forth what we believe, like a genie in a bottle, it makes no distinction between right or wrong, good or bad, your belief is  a command. Discrimination is reserved for the conscious/critical mind.


When we have interference patterns it keeps us from fully benefiting from tools like meditation, hypnosis, and affirmations. Soul Therapy clears the blocks stored in the critical mind. Once this is done the subconscious mind can be tapped into and used like fertile soil in which desirable seeds can be planted, germinated and bear fruit without suffering a stillbirth caused by poisonous, undesirable, “weed” thoughts. Imagine the critical mind as an anti-virus computer program…The subconscious mind as the impersonal hard drive, the chromosome that contains the DNA as the operating system CD, and the genes representing the data on the CD. Once the critical mind has been updated and reset, the new desirable information is allowed in and downloaded to the subconscious mind. With the use of Soul Therapy, your critical mind can work for you, not against you and the undesirable data is deleted and replaced…the new data is sorted and saved ready to open the flood gates your full potential. New data creates new thoughts, feelings, and actions, which vibrate at a certain frequency that will, in turn, attract the people, events, and things that vibrate at that same frequency, consequently accomplishing your desires.

When we are stuck in limiting patterns, we tend to act out in unloving and unhealthy ways, blinded by fear and perhaps doubt, unable to see our unlimited potential. Some times we sail through life unaware of this pattern, until some challenge show up that looks like Loss, Lack, or Limitation. Suddenly we may find ourselves engaging in over-eating, abusing substances, smoking, outbursts of anger, or even deep in depression. Without help, these unconscious harmful attempts at self-care remain fixed to be acted out as unconscious reflexes. No matter how much will power or positive thinking we apply. Don’t get me wrong…positive thinking and actions are vital. We must first get to the root. Soul Therapy does not treat habits or dis-eases, these are the just the presenting indicators. By reprogramming our belief systems to reflect our absolute truth, we align ourselves with the original God code blueprint for perfect health, abundance, and wholeness…which is our natural state, of being. Imagine a world where beliefs that create feelings of self-love, acceptance, security, and appreciation are the only seeds passed down from generation to generation.

With this new technology, I see the possibilities of a world that truly works not just for a chosen few but for everyone. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s time to have a conversation with your subconscious mind? …And really listen to what it has to say. It speaks loudly through our relationships, health, and finances. Life is meant to be a fun experience; I’ve listed many of the symptoms of various interference patterns below. These dis-functions, defense mechanisms and dis-eases are all evidence of how the body-mind compensates and tries to find balance in the presence of seeming Loss, Lack, or Limitation. Subconscious programming rooted in fear create the disturbances in the natural well being of the person. I see a coping mechanism as a callous that builds up over time, as protection from an irritation. But when we can soften and dislodge those calluses, we can move freely in life, each Loss, Lack, or Limitation transformed into opportunities. During sessions, I employ diagnostic tools such as Crystal energy work, Numerical Mapping, Dream analysis, Present, Past, and Ancestral Life Recall, Astrology, Iridology, Handwriting analysis, and Nutritional analysis in order to get to the hidden root of the interference pattern. Nothing is being done TO YOU. All work is done WITH YOU. fully conscious and in control.

The next step is to neutralize the unwanted interference patterns, and in honoring the universal law that every void will be filled, we immediately begin the manifestation process to integrate the new and desired experience through Guided Imagery. This allows the client to virtually, rehearse, and integrate the desired outcome. As we know the mind doesn’t know the difference between the physical and the visualized. The importance of this step is to acquaint the client with their desired outcome rehearsing the experience. The rehearsal process creates a spontaneous feeling of joy and satisfaction because the wish is fulfilled in the inner world. This, in turn, causes the body to produce “feel good” chemicals called Endorphin, fueling the law of attraction, allowing the desired experience to show up in the external world, as a mirror image of the inner world. This is the true meaning of “As above, so below“. The revealing & healing process is truly a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

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