Welcome to the Beyond Hypnosis page. As the name suggests Beyond Hypnosis  does place emphasis on the power of the mind. However, the mind is just the receiver and transmitter of information that continuously flows between our physical and non physical being. The mission of Beyond Hypnosis is to focuses on inner and outer balance, and balance is beauty.(For more on the mind aspect read the What is Soul Therapy page).

The mind body connection is being acknowledged by the scientific community more and more each day.  Neuropeptides and their receptors, previously thought to only exist in the brain are found throughout the body, this is proof that the whole body is “thinking” not just the brain. A thought is created and the body responds with, and to, the corresponding feeling, often times it responds literally. Hers’s one example,  you think “I’m carrying  the weight of the world on my shoulders” and you feel angry and unappreciated about the responsibility. Because you chose feelings of anger,  you develop shoulder pain, this is called a body syndrome. The body syndrome is a signal that there is an error in the thought and/or feeling process. That’s  why we must be aware of our conscious and sub-conscious thoughts as well as their companion feelings at all times.

All that’s necessary is a shift in perception, and almost magically the circumstances change. This is evident in all aspects of our lives;  you might  think  “I want more money, to lose weight, quit smoking, a better relationship, a bigger house etc; But if you feel unworthy of having those experiences, your sub-conscious mind  will not allow them to show up in your life because you don’t believe it’s possible for you, but the good news is that you can change these sabotaging patterns.

Many spiritual schools of thought teach that the body is illusion and should be ignored and the mind and spirit should be nurtured and cherished. I disagree with this. The body is a wonderful tool through which we can create, by virtue of it’s sensual nature. Good feelings or pleasure creates good thoughts good thoughts create good feelings and so on. These good feelings cause the flow of endorphins (feel good hormones) throughout the body, which have been proven to support healthy immune function and promote healing in the body. This is why I refer to the mind body as one entity, not to be thought of or treated as separate.

Beyond Hypnosis is about balance, Let’s imagine the  body as a beautifully designed space suit through which we experience this 3D world we live in. We sense through this glorious body, hearing, tasting, seeing, touching, and smelling. Imagine what it would be like not to be able to enjoy  the  early morning melodic songs of the birds in the trees. The sensual pleasure of the tender kisses and caresses  of a gentile lover. The wonderful flavors of luscious fruits like succulent mangos and melons, or the sweet floral fragrance of an exotic Hawaiian lay made of plumeria and orchids. No shades of orange, pink, and blue gleaming at sunset over the ocean. Life would be relatively bland on this 3D earth plane without a body through which to perceive all of these gifts of the senses.

In the Soul Therapy process we explore ways to bring up good feelings, through a more enlightened perspective of the value of the physical body and this life experience in general.