How to Partner with Pain and Live Your Best Life!

Spiritual Healing Through A Breakup is finally published! This book idea originated in 2008 when I was approached by my then spouse’s cousin to write a chapter for her book ‘Wakeup Girl‘. She had gone through a difficult breakup and found writing cathartic. She and I had done some Hypnotherapy work on her pain, which she found helpful. I was thrilled and honored that she appreciated the insights I shared with her so much that she asked me to be a part of her project. Little did I know, as I was writing that chapter; I was actually preparing myself for the demise of my own troubled marriage. My spouse saw the parallels, yet, I was clueless… I was actually preparing for what was to come. By writing that chapter; which has became this book, I was well prepared emotionally for the subsequent divorce. Interestingly, in the introduction of ‘Wakeup Girl’, she described my chapter as an excerpt from my book (that I hadn’t written yet). So in actuality, she wrote Spiritual Healing Through A Breakup into reality some 10 years ago. What took so long to publish? Fear!

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So, in response to that fear, I offer this self-edited and self-published ebook, as a tool for a better life for those who read it and as a personal exercise in vulnerability and freedom from the stranglehold of perfectionism. With that said; I hope the misspelled words and less than perfect grammar bring a knowing smile to your hearts. Moreover, as my talk show listeners know I’ve recently broken free of my many inhibitions and personal hangups. As a result, I’m now Free to share what I call ‘Deep Downloads’ on my site vlog and on my Youtube Channel; which are unedited, impromptu musings about my newly acquired spiritual insights. One of the most challenging downloads to share has been that the Old and New Testaments are in actuality the most valuable psychological self-help books ever written. In Spiritual Healing Through A Breakup I share many of the Biblical lessons that actually provide practical instruction on how to most effectively use the Law of Attraction to improve the lives of ourselves and others. So, in this book you will see Biblical references, be open, and open up your Bible, to cross-reference the contexts that will undoubtedly apply to your personal life lessons. It is my intention that you use the wisdom in the words and the tools, not just for healing through a romantic breakup, but to navigate through any difficult change in life, and use your painful emotions as valuable signposts guiding you to your most joyful life! 

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In this video you’ll learn some simple yet powerful insights on how to get your self in alignment to receive the good that’s already yours; just by being yourself!

He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to His power that works in us.

~ Ephesians 3:20

“God has ordained perfect good, an abundance of good, for you — for each and every one of us.”

~ Rev. Ike

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How to Reclaim Your Confidence and Live Your Best Life Right Now

If you’ve felt isolated or lonely over the past few years, you’re not alone. These are sentiments shared by people around the world, and there is no single solution. You may even feel insecure about re-entering social situations and interacting with people. If so, you need to boost your confidence. Doing so is easier said than done, though, and building confidence is typically considered a months- or years-long endeavor. Fortunately, the following tips from can help you feel more confident right now.

Cultivating Confidence From the Inside Out

Confidence is difficult to define, and it means something different to every person. Generally, though, it can be considered an appreciation of your own qualities. Developing confidence might seem daunting, but there are several strategies that can provide quick results. The key is simple: start from the inside out.

Verywell Mind recommends jumping into action in order to inspire confidence. In other words, if you’ve delayed a date because you don’t feel confident, you may be approaching it backward. If you schedule the date and show up, your brain can generate the confidence you need. Waiting for it to magically appear is unlikely to yield results.

When you trust your brain to generate confidence, you can work on a presentation that’s more confident, too. People often find that they feel better about themselves when they put extra effort into their appearance. Little details like this require minimal effort, but the boost in confidence they provide can be major.

Living Your Best Life Now, Not Later – Start Your Own Business

Many people make the mistake of not living in the present. It’s certainly a good idea to plan ahead, but always thinking about the future can diminish your happiness in the current moment. Let yourself enjoy the place you’re currently in.

Sometimes you need to make change happen sooner rather than later in order to live your best life. If you’ve dreamt of changing careers and starting a business, for example, you don’t want to lose precious time by waiting for the perfect moment. Instead, act with confidence and start by drafting a business plan with these elements:

  • Description of the company
  • Plan for marketing and selling services
  • Clear outline of company structure
  • Breakdown of funding and finances

Here’s a more comprehensive guide on starting a new company. Enlisting the services of a formation company can help. They can walk you through all the major steps you’ll need to take to start successfully, and they can help you save money while doing it.

Business owners need to get paid on time, and invoices are the best tool to achieve this. Find a user-friendly method that can help you grow your business, establish terms of payment, invoice your clients immediately, and accept multiple forms of payment. Invoice templates offer a solution by providing a professional document, complete with your logo.

Live in the Moment To Build Confidence

After extended periods of isolation, facing the world is no easy task. You can get closer to your confidence goals by trusting yourself and investing in your presentation. These little tips can provide immediate results, empower you to live your best life, and help you live in the moment. Living in the moment means making your dreams happen, too, rather than waiting. If you want to start a business, Harvard Business Review notes that now is the time to create a business plan and make it happen.

If you’re concerned about having enough startup capital for your business, remember that refinancing your mortgage can help. You may be able to cash out some of your home’s equity to generate cash for funding your venture. Alternatively, you may be able to lower your monthly payment to free up operating cash every month.

Claim your confidence by intentionally investing in yourself. Remember to start from the inside to build confidence, go for your goals like starting a new business, and learn to live in the moment. Don’t wait until tomorrow to build the life you want to live today.

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4 Everyday Heath Strategies for You Body & Mind

By April Meyers of Mind Body Solution

When you think of making healthy changes in your life, you probably believe that doing so requires a concerted effort. While significant improvements do require a significant commitment, that doesn’t mean you have to dedicate multiple hours of your day to working out or memorizing self-help techniques. Personal wellness is something you can achieve by making small, attainable adjustments to your everyday life. By incorporating just a few physical and mental health strategies into your routine, your long-term well-being can get a huge boost before you know it.

Develop a home wellness routine

A healthy lifestyle, like so many other things, begins at home. Working toward decluttering and re-arranging your space a little at a time can help alleviate the underlying stress you might feel in your home environment. Proper organization and decoration can even lend to an effective meditation space. 

When the atmosphere at home becomes sufficiently comfortable and relaxing, you can approach new meditative hobbies with a clear state of mind. Practices such as yoga, crafts, or hypnotherapy can become a calming part of your daily routine.

Find ways to relieve stress at work

The professional side of your life can be a major source of stress and anxiety. Whether you work at an office or at home, there are small changes you can make to lighten your mental load. Try adding flowers or plants to your workspace and find a little time each day to get up and move around.

If you work remotely from a home office, make sure to equip yourself with the right software and tools to maintain productivity. You should also stick to a strict schedule no matter how flexible your work hours may be, as this can help you separate your work life from your personal time.

Enjoy some outdoor fitness activity

Fitting some outdoor activity into your routine can be a great way to get some exercise and enjoy other health benefits as well. Experts explain that going outside is important for a number of reasons, such as strengthening your immune system and helping you lose weight. Taking a walk or going for a light jog a few times throughout the week can do you a world of good. Even indulging in outdoor hobbies like gardening or visiting your local park might be much more beneficial than you realize.

Involve your family

You will likely find it much easier to embark on a personal wellness journey if your loved ones are there to support you. What’s more, you can help your children establish a foundation of healthy habits that they may carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Building a diet of healthy foods is the first priority, but you might also consider encouraging the use of healthy hygiene products and vitamins that will help support your children’s growth. Be sure to read in-depth home product reviews from unbiased sources before introducing new products to your family, though.

Becoming healthy is not something you can only do as a New Year’s resolution or a serious fitness campaign. The best health journeys are often the ones that involve making tiny changes over a long period of time. If you are willing to improve your daily routine with some easily-accessible health strategies and a life-changing Beyond Hypnosis session, then you might just see a much healthier person in the mirror a few months from now.

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This short video discusses your under estimated Super Power!


Nothing can happen in your life without your attention. I assert that once we learn to consciously and positively direct our attention, to the exclusion of unhealthy distractions… we can realize infinite possibilities!

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7 Mind Hacks: To Claim Your Spiritual Sovereignty

This Meditation Circle gets its spiritual inspiration from Chapter 27 of Rev. Ike’s Secrets Of Health Joy And Prosperity For You Science Of Living Study Guide.

Stand fast in the liberty with which Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. (Galatians 5:1)

“The Father in me, He doeth the work.” (John 14:10)

In this Chapter Rev Ike asks “What’s the Only difference between you and the Christ?” His answer; Consciousness, Self awareness, Know thyself.

7 Mind Hacks you will Learn to Claim Your Spiritual Sovereignty:

1. Know the secret and source of Jesus’ power

2. Know the difference between Jesus and the average person?

3. the danger of depending on someone else or something else to solve your problems

4. If you are having a problem who should you go for aid?

5. We are all created equally no one has special privileges

6. Who decides what you will receive in life.

7. How you can become spiritually independent

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5 Relationship Success Secrets

This Meditation Circle gets its spiritual inspiration from Chapter 28: Be Right Before You Unite! in Rev. Ike’s Secrets Of Health Joy and Prosperity For You Science of Living Study Guide.

“And this I pray, that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and in all judgment.”( Philippians 1:9)

“Money answers all things.” (Ecclesiastes 10:19)

In this Chapter Rev Ike teaches with regard to love and marriage; we must make sure we have found happiness and financial stability with ourselves FIRST in order to avoid the problems of looking for someone else to complete us, and take care of us… doing for us what we should be doing for ourselves.

5 Relationship Success Secrets

  • Wisdom to create financial emotional, and spiritual stability in yourself before you come together with someone else.

  • Wisdom to resist tying the knot with anyone until you love yourself correctly.

  • Wisdom not to make anyone else responsible for your happiness.

  • Wisdom that those who you attract into your life I only reflections of who you are inside.

  • Wisdom to be willing to change and do the previous steps together if you’re already in a relationship.

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5 Positive Mind Hacks: Reframe Negative Thoughts

This Meditation Circle gets its spiritual inspiration from Chapter 26: Praise The Lord! in Rev. Ike’s Secrets Of Health Joy And Prosperity For You : A Science Of Living Study Guide.

“Thou art ensnared by the words of your mouth.” (Proverbs 6:2)

“With the heart, a man believes unto righteousness. And with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation.” (Romans 10:10)

In this Chapter Rev Ike admonishes us to find a positive way to talk about a negative fact.
According to Rev. Ike “…Say to yourself, “God-in-me is my wealth.” Instead of saying, “I don’t have any money,” turn that around and say, “I see myself having all the money that I need, through the Presence and Power of God-in-me.”

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The Truth of You Shall Set You Free!

This Meditation Circle gets its spiritual inspiration from Chapter 25: Always The Father’s Son in Rev. Ike’s secrets of health joy and prosperity for you Science Of Living Study Guide.

“The Truth Shall Set You Free! ” John 8:31

“The Lord /LAW is my shepherd, I shall not want.” (Psalms 23:1)

In this Chapter Rev Ike talks teaches us about the difference between FACTS and TRUTH. According to Rev. Ike “…there are no poor or sick people. There are only people who do not know the riches and wellness of God within them.” In other words, when we experience lack of any good thing in our lives it is due to a belief in lack. In this chapter the Rev. compares this common amnesia to the Biblical Prodigal son, who left his father’s house, only to get caught up in SIN (self-inflicted nonsense) when he forgot about the Truth ; that he was always the father’s son! When we lose sight of the TRUTH and we place our belief in the Facts, we suffer.

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Name It & Claim It!

This Meditation Circle gets its spiritual inspiration from Chapter 24: The Treasure of God in You in Rev. Ike’s secrets of health joy and prosperity for you Science Of Living Study Guide.

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:6
“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. Matthew 6:21

In this Chapter Rev. Ike talks about a trip to the UN, where a statement was made about how the poorest countries in the world, are the ones that have the richest deposits of minerals buried deep within the earth…all that wealth beneath their feet, yet they’re not able to partake of it because they simply don’t know how to mine and refine it…then other folks come along and capitalize off of this ignorance and lack of technology.

This video is all about surveying; becoming aware, mining and accessing that hidden treasure within You!

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