21 Day Manifestation Activation: Course Overview

In this course, you will learn a great deal about your unique power, the law of attraction and how the two interact to create your life. As you listen to your personal session for 21 says you will begin to notice subtle internal urges to do things differently.  Each week you will become more comfortable with the possibility of achieving your full potential. There may be some confusion about this new paradigm of total freedom and total responsibility simultaneously. The lessons in each of the three modules will be filled with helpful suggestions, ideas, tools, and motivational material for you to access through; audiobooks, books and ebooks, videos, and podcasts. Each lesson will also include Sentence completion and Journaling exercises.

Materials you will need:

  • Your Personal Session
  • Mp3 Player for listening to your session daily for 21 days (your phone)
  • Comfortable headphones I recommend are classic plugin Sleep Phones
  • A Journal or two and a Pen
  • The Law of Attraction audio and ebook Library and supporting app
  • Childlike wonder

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