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Assertiveness training

fast and powerful!
Quickly train your brain to be more assertive with hypnosis

The Assertiveness training download can help you put yourself on a more equal footing with those around you. Try this powerful hypnosis download today, and learn to speak up for yourself clearly and put your view across no matter what the circumstances.


Manage Your Anger 5 Pack

Get control back with the Manage Your Anger Pack
Stop uncontrolled, irrational anger poisoning your relationships and damaging your health.

The feeling of certainty provided by anger is seductive. It can make you feel confident and strong and that you are in some way superior to those around you. But as you probably know, uncontrolled outbursts of irrational anger lead to all sorts of problems in the long run.

The 5 Pack Contains:

  1. Anger Management

  2. Be More Tolerant

  3. Overcome Perfectionism

  4. Walk in others’ shoes

  5. Keep a Cool Head

    ( A $24.80 Savings)

(These products are specially selected to maximize your results from your hypnosis.)


Quick Confidence Booster



Handling Criticism


Drift Off To Sleep


Stop Binge Eating