Meet Tamara

Tamara holds a degree in Psychology, is a certified clinical Hypnotherapist is registered with the state of Washington, a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Iridologist, New Body Herbal consultant. As executive producer/host of the Illuminations Media Network, Tamara has enjoyed a decade of interviewing hundreds of authors, artists, and entrepreneurs, who are making a notable difference on the planet. The IM network is Internet-based; podcast in the iTunes store, Blogtalk Radio, Spreaker, Player Fm, Youtube, and several platforms.

Since 2005 Tamara has been a member of the American Association of Hypnotists and the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472. 

Tamara is also a member of The Association of Black Psychologists and Jegna (mentorship) member supporting the healing of the unique mental health needs of people of African descendant.

As a new member of the Seattle – Mombasa (Kenya) Sister City Association (SMSCA), Tamara is actively involved in its many initiatives:

  • Support educational and cultural exchanges between the two cities.
  • Encourage and promote international understanding and goodwill.
  • Encourage an appreciation of pluralism.
  • Promote trade and tourism beneficial to both economies.

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These diverse fields of expertise combine to make Tamara’s approach to healing unique. In her private practice, she focuses on the mental, physical and emotional bodies, with an intuitive flair. With 6000 plus private sessions, hundreds of group presentations, and numerous radio appearances, Tamara uses her skills to balance the mind, body, and soul, through appreciation and care of the entire being.

As a Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Childbirth and Pre and Post Surgery Hypnosis Tamara is a great partner for those facing two of life’s the most stressful events.

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Tamara’s Beyond Hypnosis modalities empower her clients to heal past wounds and to embrace future potentiality with a fresh outlook.

Back in the day, Tamara appeared as a regular Soul Train dancer and still loves dancing. She is also a foodie with a special interest in food anthropology, world, and plant-strong cuisine.

Tamara is the mother of two adult children, Iman and Anwar. She lives in the Seattle area with her life partner Jeff, two cats Boots and Sheba, a blue Beta Mr. Lipid and over 50 plants (and counting).