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I often hear questions like. Why do I have so many problems? Why do I keep dating the wrong people? Why am I always sick? The answer was always the same ” Belief systems programmed into your subconscious mind, that are contrary to what you want in your life”. We can turn to traditional Psycho-analysis, where one will rehash the past, and focus on what has gone wrong. I’ve always felt there had to be a simpler more joy affirming way of responding, so I came up with an answer, that’s more simplified and a lot easier to swallow. Now, I answer, “It’s because you happen to have an especially creative and powerful mind”. Whatever you create in your mind and feel intense emotions about will be reflected as your life. We can always tell when we have created disaster movies of whatever it is we are afraid of, judge, or dread the most. playing them over and over in our minds. Because as a direct reflection of our thoughts and feelings, our lives are inundated with what we don’t want. On the other hand, if our lives are joyful and filled with experiences that make our hearts sing, it’s not luck or Gods special favor…since we are gods and the Creator has already designed us with every good thing including this powerful manifesting tool we call our mind. It’s when we step into our godliness and use our minds properly as a god, by producing movies about love, abundance, and radiant health, that we feel fulfilled and peaceful. As a part of Soul Therapy, we work on Feeling Re-cognition. In this exercise, we pay close attention to our feelings, with the awareness that negative feelings are always preceded by a negative thought. The moment we feel bad, immediately trace back to the root thought and change it before it turns into an epic dark, disaster film equipped with thunder, earthquakes, fires, floods, and asteroids. Alternatively the moment we catch our selves feeling good, we trace the root positive thought and expand on it, with vivid full color picturesque, panoramic views, an upbeat soundtrack and a happy ending. Feeling Re-cognition takes practice, but it’s worth it. Before you know it you are producing the life of your dreams. For more on why we’d be smart to develop a habit of positive thinking read about the Harvard study below.


“A Harvard study in the seventies discovered receptor on our immune cells for neuropeptides. Neuropeptides are chemicals produced by the brain that vary with our emotions. The results of this study point to the simple fact that your immune system is listening to your mental talk. How you think is how you feel. When someone tells you that you’re only as old as you feel, believe it. You are the master of your immune system. There is no better cure for anything than a good attitude” ( Kiecolt-Glaser et al., 1984).

Below are the results of a study conducted on students, separated into two sections, Negative and Positive states.

Negative States of Mind and Corresponding Physical Conditions

• Bereavement –  Decreased lymphocyte proliferation

• Pessimistic states – Decreased lymphocyte reactivity

• Academic stress – Decreased T-cell effectiveness

• Depression –  Decreased NK cell activity

• Loneliness –  Decreased T-cells

• Chronic stress – Decrease in certain immune chemicals

• Divorce/separation/poor marital quality – Increased susceptibility to the herpes virus

• Expressed need for power and control – Decreased immunoglobulin A

• Negative behavior during discussions of marital problems – Increased blood levels of   Epstein-Barr virus

Positive States of Mind and Corresponding Physical Benefits

• Satisfying personal relationships and social support – Increased lymphocyte function; increased NK activity; increased immunity by mitogen tests; increased immune response to vaccines.

• Personal sharing and disclosure of traumatic experiences – Increased lymphocyte response

• Humor and laughter – Increased Immunoglobulin A; increased lymphocyte count and activity.

• Hypnosis and relaxation techniques – Increased Immunoglobulin A; increased lymphocyte count and activity.

• Physical exertion and aerobic exercise – Increased T-cell effectiveness; increased NK cell activity; decreased blood levels of stress hormones; decreased blood levels of herpes virus.

• Group intervention and support – Increased number of white blood cells; increase in endorphins; increase in certain immune chemicals; increased NK cell number and activity; increased T-cells; decreased T-cell effectiveness; decreased lymphocyte function.


Kiecolt-Glaser, J.K., Garner, W., Speicher, C.E., Penn, G., and Vlaser, R. Psychosocial Modifiers of Immunocompetence in Medical Students.” Psychosomatic Medicine 46 (1984).