Tam’s Deep Download Vlog


This deep download shares the simple yet most overlooked aspect of living a full and satisfying life.

The success and or satisfaction of any goal or endeavor is completely and totally dependent upon who you are being at the time. All endeavors can only reflect who you are… Simply because your vibrational frequency is all over it. Your subconscious mind and the law of attraction can only demonstrate the measure of who you are in any given moment.

This deep spiritual download came to me probably in response to all the divisive machinations going on in the world that distract people from their unique Life Purpose and Joy. When we live our lives easily offended by others, we are easily manipulated! Don’t fall for it, stand firmly grounded in your divine nature.

This video is a Deep Download that reveals an often overlooked (avoided) secret to spiritual growth. The Glorious Virtues of PAIN and how to use it.

Another impromptu download. Today I get to share the hidden gift in arguments and disagreements (if you’re willing and ready to receive it) beyondhypnosis.org

In this impromptu download, I share my journey from the tyranny of unfavorable comparisons to the liberation of self-acceptance and personal gratitude. Hope this inspires you to self-love!

In this deep spiritual download, I was inspired to share what’s really going on when we are seemingly unable to create positive changes and reach the goals in our lives. It’s a lot like gardening! If you about gardening then you get it if you don’t then you’ll learn how to bear sweet and delicious fruit in your life!