Ever Wonder If It’s Okay to Want What You Want?

It’s been said prayer is when we give God a phone call, meditation is when we pick up the receiver to listen, and when we trust our intuition the static has been cleared from the line.

In this post, I share a beautiful technique that helps to get clear and feel good about the desires that motivate us to pray. 

The Bible tells us, our divine creator knows our desires before we can even articulate them, and is happy to provide all of our good desires; thus our prayers are always known (Psalms:139). We don’t need to beg because It’s our father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom (Luke 8:10). With this ancient scriptural understanding  I know, in my spirit God is already giving us every good thing we could ever desire or need. 

So then what ’s the purpose of prayer?  In my understanding, the technology of prayer is in actuality to prepare us to receive, not to get  God to give. 

The trouble starts when we see our desires through human filters of fear and a belief in lack. By doubting that we can or should have what we want, we add to the pure word (meaning) of God’s gifts. We lower our vibration, with anxiety and unworthiness, placing all kinds of obstacles between us and the good we want. We tend to place conditions on our good, by accepting less than what we want, rationalizing that if we accept less it’s more likely we’ll get it. Stop! You are a child of God and it is God’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom!  It already belongs to you, it’s your job to step into it and become a vibratory match to it.

How? In my awareness, God is always speaking to us and guiding us to our divine birthright; first through our basic desires and secondly through intuitive hunches. For example, you want more money, better health, a loving mate, or a lovely home, there’s nothing wrong with those things. To discover God’s pure and loving plan for you within any desire, uncover what’s beneath the human-ness of the thing you want.

Here’s how:

Let’s take the desire of more money;  dig a little bit to find out what that basic desire from God is. Begin to identify what that money means to you. Certainly, it’s not about the grayish-green pieces of paper. Ask your self; exactly what that money will give you?  Is it a feeling of security? Is it a sense of freedom? Will the ability to buy nice things give you a raise in status, allowing you to feel more social acceptance? Or are you seeking relief from debt? When you look at what that desire really means to you, then you can see what God is calling for in your life. By distilling your desires down to their core you will have stripped away any doubts as to the worthiness of your desires. Notice how it feels to have identified that the desire is all about the feelings, the experiences and your new elevated sense of being a deserving child of the most-high.  When it’s good to the core, you know without a doubt, it’s what God wants for you too. All is well!

Have you been inspired? Let me know!