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Finding The Gift Within Jealousy

A couple of months ago a client came to my Beyond Hypnosis studio for help with getting rid of her jealousy. As I meditated on the hidden gifts tucked in all so-called negative emotions, I realized that jealousy is nothing more than an internal alarm letting us know we are in some way suppressing our own unique divinely given gifts…and that it’s time to grow!

“Our ability to celebrate and affirm another’s brilliance, creativity, and achievements is exactly correlated to how much we are honoring and standing in our own” (brilliance, creativity, and abilities to be all we can be). – the tiny buddha

When we feel jealous of another, it’s never about them…it’s about us. However, it’s not time to beat ourselves up. It’s time to see the uncomfortable feeling as a call to action.

Try this simplified visioning process adapted from a tool created by Rev. Micheal Beckwith to find out what the divine source of all creation is nudging you to do. Take about 30 minutes to meditate on these 4 questions. Honestly write down what comes to you without judging the answers.

1-What do I want to do, be or have?

2-What must I become in order to experience this?

3-What must I let go of in order to experience this?

4-What do I already have?

5-What can I do today as a first step toward doing, being or having what I want?

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