Law of Attraction and Doing What you Love

Greetings Beloveds,

I’m super excited the share an inspirational article that was perfectly placed on my path. ‘Doing What You Love Is Being of Service’ Last night as I fell asleep meditating on the magnetic power of love. Waves of various colors began flowing in, I heard “these are the frequencies of life in its many hues. Then a lovely shade of peachy mauve filled my mind, somehow I knew it was the vibration of gratitude. And as I practice every night, I began to contemplate ways to find gratitude for everything. As I considered gratitude during this time of uncertainty and fear, as we deal with an apparent pandemic. The answer flooded in: I heard, ‘doing what you love is the most potent way to not only provide joy for yourself in the moment; it’s high “feel good” vibration activates God’s Law of Attraction “…to give us the kingdom” Luke 12:32.’ Wow! This goes way beyond the mere acquisition of our daily barrage of personal needs, and desires. The sense of peace and comfort that comes from just doing what you love, and appreciating everything that goes along with it, in and of itself will attract everything one needs/wants in order to continue living a life of abundance: love, health, and success.

When I woke this morning I read from last month’s Daily Word, and decided it was time to get a subscription. As I surfed the Daily Word site I was guided to read ‘Doing What You Love Is Being of Service‘. Its the perfect article that demonstrates how one woman is serving the world in ways she had perhaps never imagined, just by volunteering to do what she loves.

I hope it inspires you to find the good, and take advantage of this time when many are spending more time at home, away from the usual hustle, to do and create more of what you love. What idea or project have you been putting off because you never have the time? Well, now you do.

Have you been inspired? Let me know!