The Hypnotherapist’s Collection 4 track Album



This selection of soundscapes was assembled for hypnotherapists and related practitioners to use during a hypnosis / relaxation session with clients in order to best promote deep relaxation, higher receptivity, and expanded awareness and is designed to guide the listener steadily into deeper and deeper states of blissful relaxation and expanded awareness. Also perfect for for personal use in self hypnosis, meditation, and stress-release.

Includes 4 tracks

Track 1. – “Embarkation” from Mystic Ascension – Beginning the journey, great for the start of the relaxation process, good with hypnotic inductions. 6 minutes.

Track 2. – “Introspective Glance” from Mystic Ascension – Use for deepening the state and creating space for the mind to expand, increased receptivity, deep alpha. 9 minutes.

Track 3. – “Stratospheric and Ethereal” remix from Elemental Currents – Deepen the relaxation and move into a theta state, creativity, imagery, and spontaneous connections emerge into dream-like experience. 15 minutes.

Track 4. – “Deep Delta” – a wonderful 40 minute journey that has you feeling like your floating on clouds, moving deeper and deeper into serenity and complete relaxation.


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