The Brainwave Bundle – 4 track album


This powerful compilation serves as a very useful and enjoyable tool for shifting consciousness. Over 2 hours of audio playtime.


4 Track album

Created by Leigh Spusta and Powered by PsimatiX™ Brainwave Audio Technology

This new compilation has been developed by internationally recognized Brainwave Audio Expert Leigh Spusta as a series of four tracks, one for each brainwave rhythm. By targeting specific brainwave activity, the listener moves into the states of consciousness that best suit the needs of the moment.

Track 1: Beta 13Hz – Spiral Spheres – Enter into a calm and centered space where you are relaxed, and yet, can think, focus, and concentrate with greater ability, by increasing beta wave activity. Great for thoughtful meditation, problem solving, while studying, or any other mental activities.

Track 2: Alpha 8Hz – Exploration of Being – Experience a journey of tranquility and curiosity, where your mind moves into deeper reflections, by increasing alpha wave activity. Great for meditation, hypnosis, spiritual practice, to stimulate healing, and to reduce emotional stress.

Track 3: Theta 6HZ – Journey of Creation – Allow your body to rest deeply while your mind expands into more Universal dimensions, where your spiritual essence is more realized by increasing theta wave activity. Great for deep meditation, hypnosis, self discovery, and to stimulate creativity.

Track 4: Delta 3Hz – Dream Echoes – Move into the deepest comfort and experience a twilight state of dream-like quality, hovering between waking and sleep, rejuvenating as you move deeper, increasing delta wave activity. Useful for naps, restorative sleep, and exploring the depths of mind and self.


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